Prolong Your Life: A Resource Guide to Kid’s Health

When discussing kids’ health most people will think of sniffling and coughing. These may be the most common ailments that children face, however, this resource guide will provide information on some additional health issues that kids face. Nowadays viruses are not the only concern, but environmental factors play a role as well. Understanding how health is affected by some of these different factors will empower families to become proactive when it comes to the over all well-being of their kids. After all, sometimes limiting exposure will not be feasible and other measures need to be taken. If knowledge is power, then understanding how to use it becomes critical. This resource guide will discuss some common health issues that kids face. It will cover ADHD, asthma and allergies, autism, secondhand smoke, heart conditions, diabetes, infection diseases, nutrition, exercise, and sports injuries.

The most common behavioral issue is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This developmental disorder is characterized by hyperactivity and attention issues. The cause is still unknown, but some studies suggest it runs in families. Another common developmental disorder is autism. A child diagnosed with autism will exhibit difficulty with social and communication skills. A routine developmental exam done by a pediatrician will help in determining whether a child exhibits characteristics of autism. Of course not all health risks are developmental. Secondhand smoke is a serious condition that can lead asthma and ear infections. Secondhand smoke exposes them toxins that are exhaled by others smoking near them. Too much exposure can increase the odds of developing heart disease as well as other diseases.

Kids being diagnosed with diabetes has been steadily increasing each year. Diabetes is a disease where there are high levels of sugar in the blood. Currently there is no cure for diabetes and the disease is treated by a combination of medicine, diet and exercise. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in treating diabetes, but it also serves a greater role in keeping kids healthy. Proper nutrition will provide the essential nutrients that kids need to grow and function. Coupling exercise with nutrition will ensure good health and strong bones. Kids face multiple distractions, video games and television shows, but a regular exercise regimen will give them the energy that they need to maintain optimal health. Sports are a great way to ensure that kids get good exercise and providing them an outlet for healthy competition. One unforeseen consequence of sports, however, can be sports related injuries. Many times even with proper equipment and sound fundamentals these injuries cannot be avoided. Parents need to be mindful of the potential risk and weigh that against the rewards that are provided by participating in organized sports. While this resource guide does not cover every health issue that kids face today, it is a comprehensive source for some of the more common health issues.




Second Hand Smoke

Heart Conditions


Infection Diseases



Sports Injuries