Great Life Lessons for Kids

Growing up can be really tough. As a child, we are still learning how to socialize, deal with others, and believe in ourselves. Understanding some basic life lessons can mean the difference between a fulfilling, happy life and a life that may not be all we want it to be. There are many different life lessons we all can learn, and by understanding some simple truths, kids of all ages can learn valuable lessons that they can carry with them throughout their entire lives. These lessons not only help us to be better people, but they also help us to make friends, have long lasting relationships, and be kind to others.

Never give up

Sometimes, things like sports or math class can seem almost impossible. No matter how hard things get, it is important to remember to never give up. If at first you do not succeed, you should always keep trying. If you work really hard at something, you can achieve your goals. Remember that no one ever accomplished their dreams by giving up! If you feel like you need support, turn to a friend or parent for help and advice, but hang in there and you will see the benefits of sticking to your goals!


What does integrity mean? It means that you have values and morals, and you stick to those values and morals in how you treat others. Peer pressure can be really hard to deal with sometimes, but if you have integrity, you know right from wrong and you stay with it. Integrity means you have strength of character and the ability to stand up for what is right.


Maybe your best friend has hurt your feelings, or you parent grounded you for something you feel is unfair. No matter what the reason, practicing forgiveness is very important. It is not always easy to forgive those who might have caused you to feel sad or upset, but it will make you feel much better about yourself. If you forgive someone, you can often move on with things and keep your friendships in place. Also, imagine if you had done something you really didn’t mean and felt bad about it. You’d want the person you hurt to forgive you, too.

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Welcome diversity

No two people are alike, and sometimes kids can shun others who are different. It’s diversity that makes the world such an interesting and amazing place. Whether it is the foreign exchange student or a kid from a different neighborhood, you should always be welcoming towards that person, and remember that we are all different on the outside, but we share the same basic things like family, friendships, and love. Welcoming diversity at school and in your life can open you up to a world of new learning adventures and new discoveries about yourself and others.


Sometimes, you might have a teacher or other adult in your life that you might not like to deal with. No matter how you feel, you should always show respect to others. Paying attention and not talking in class, saying yes mam or yes sir, and thanking others when they help you are all ways to show respect. Remember, if you show respect to others, you will get the same respect in return.

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Love and Trust yourself

While it is always important to love others, it is also important that you love yourself. Having a healthy self esteem and taking care of your own needs is very important. It is hard for us to love and trust others 100% if we don’t already do the same for ourselves. Having a healthy self image and a strong sense of self is essential in being a well rounded person. You can discover new things about yourself almost every day. Never be afraid to express yourself and show that you have self respect.

Play/Have fun

Don’t forget to play! Having fun is important and it helps us to feel less stressed in life. As kids, you should always set some time aside to play and enjoy life. Play a game, ride your bike, go roller skating, or do something fun outdoors. Playing is healthy and keeps our brains functioning and our minds creative. School is very important, but so is play time!

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It’s ok to make mistakes

No one is perfect. This fact is very important to keep in mind if you make a mistake. It is ok to make mistakes sometimes, as long as you own up to it, be honest about the mistake, and then try to correct it if you can. Never hide a mistake. Most people understand when we make mistakes. If you do something wrong or make a mistake, just pick yourself up and dust yourself off and start all over again.

Tell the truth

Sometimes, telling the truth can be a bit embarrassing. Remember, honesty is always the best policy no matter what happens. Tell the truth about things that happen and you will not only feel much better, you will avoid having to cover things up with more lies later on. Being honest will benefit you in many facets of your life and help you to develop strong and trusting relationships with others.

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Be a Kid!

Even though life has its ups and downs, it’s important to remember to be a kid! You’re young and have so many different opportunities ahead of you. There is no rush to grow up. Enjoy having fun, being silly, reading good books, and watching fun movies. Being a kid while you’re still young is vital to a healthy adulthood. Have a good time, goof off, and don’t try to be too adult too soon!

Love life

Life is precious. We should all respect our own life as well as the lives of others. Loving life makes it more enjoyable and fulfilling. Do different things, experience new places and foods, and enjoy your life as much as possible. Having fun is an essential part of loving life, so try to have fun no matter what you do.

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